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Burnley Together Services

Financial and Debt Advice

You and people you care about may be struggling to make ends meet at the moment because your circumstances have changed. There is help and support available for you.

Here are some useful links to some of the services available but if you cannot find what you are looking for please call or email us.

Finance Help

Creditors, mortgage lenders, utilities

When calling to ask creditors for help, state that you “have no income due to the coronavirus”. This is the statement that operators need to hear to be able to offer support.

Prepayment meters

Anyone on a prepayment meter who is struggling financially (and has less than £4 on the metre) can contact their supplier and ask for a “fuel voucher”.

A pin number will be texted to a mobile number and this needs to be taken to the top up shop along with gas/electric key.

Help with prepayment meters if you can’t get out

If struggling to get out due to isolation and on a prepayment meter. Companies can top up for you, but this will need to be paid back.

  • British Gas 0333 202 9802
  • EDF 0333 200 5100
  • EON 0345 052 000
  • N Power 0800 073 3000
  • Scottish Power 0800 027 0072
  • SSE 0345 026 2658

Useful links

If you live in a Calico property then our dedicated Moneywise team is here to offer you support. You can email them on or call 01282 686300 and select option 3.

Step Change
Citizens Advice
Money Advice Service
National Debtline

Christians against poverty
Male Worker on a helpline

CAP is in partnership with local churches across the UK, to help families from poverty through  award winning debt counselling and community groups.

Below are some of their resources:

Weighed Down By Debt 

CAP Referrals