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Posted on 12 March 2021

‘Period Pamper’ Donations Help Support Vulnerable Women and Girls in Burnley

Burnley Together has been gifted more than 13,500 ‘Period Pamper’ packs to help support those in the town who are accessing the vital service.

These have been generously donated by The Female Health and Hygiene Project; a scheme ran from the BEST Centre in Hapton which works with local organisations to deliver complimentary sanitary period packs. The team hopes to give back to the community while challenging stigmas and raising awareness around the often-taboo topic of period poverty.

Alongside other essentials, such as food parcels, nappies and household products provided by Burnley Together, these packs, which are funded by a National Lottery grant and donations from the public, provide important items such as tampons, sanitary pads, body sprays, intimate wipes and deodorants. This helps to ensure periods can be managed with dignity and confidence for those who may have otherwise gone without due to financial constraints.

Pre-COVID, period poverty was a big issue in the UK. Sadly, these levels have risen dramatically in the past year, with 1 in 3 girls aged 14 -21 years old unable to afford suitable products*. This leaves many women and girls facing additional barriers and exclusion from education and job opportunities due to a lack of access to safe, hygienic products.

Sam Wright, founder of The Female Health and Hygiene Project says, “I started the project to help the women of Burnley and surrounding areas gain access to the period products that they deserve to have. Having access to sanitary products can help with mental health, job prospects, social aspects of life, together with education.

“I wanted to give women a confidence boost and let them know that whatever they need, there is always someone in the wings ready and waiting to help, we just have to come together and talk. If 10% of the women feel that their overall wellbeing has improved because of our period pamper packs then I know I have done my job. As a female in a close community, I am really proud and can say that COVID has started something for Burnley that will leave a female legacy for a lifetime”

Alicia Foley, Community Investment Manager at Calico Homes and Burnley Together, says: “We’re so grateful for these donations and the work that The Female Health and Hygiene is doing in the area. Some people find themselves facing a harsh choice between buying food or sanitary products – a reality that many find unimaginable. These vital packs really do help to make a real difference to people’s lives.”

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